I am a 28 years-old creative based in São Paulo, Brazil, currently focused on music production and soundtrack composing.


Art Direction

From December 2016 to February 2019 I worked as Art Director at UOL TAB

Graphic Design

From February 2016 to December 2016 I was Graphic Designer at Ellus and Ellus Second Floor, responsible for the visual communication inside the marketing department. Along with the directors and coordinators, I've worked on the inicial brand's visual reposition and also designing materials like catalogs, prints, lookbooks, brand books, presentations, promotional products, digital images for social media and e-mail marketing.

Art Direction Assistance

Art Direction assistant for Fabio GoldfarbBrendo Garcia and Raphael Soria in TV series, programs and advertising for companies like Universal Brasil, Discovery Channel Brasil, DoveClub Social and Bavaria made by O2 Filmes, Gullane, Pródigo Filmes, Estúdio Árvore and Shinjitsu Filmes.

Music Production

Fera Vischer: Independent multidisciplinary project in which the final result was a 4-tracks EPa printed publication plus a tote bag. I composed and produced the first song of the EP, you can listen to it here. Fera Vischer is a collaboration between Sometimes AlwaysCotton Project and Meli-Melo Press, released on October 2013.


Two 350m2 unifamilar house projects in Uberlândia, Brazil, in collaboration with architect Marley Gerab.

Four identical unifamiliar 120m2 houses built up in Sertãozinho, Brazil, in collaboration with VAGA and architect Vitor Daher.

Carpentry project for an 80m2 apartment in São Paulo, Brazil, for Leonardo Finotti.

Photography Assistance

Leonardo Finotti assistant from april 2011 to august 2012, where I used to collaborate with graphic design, branding and digital communication, beyond some other short experiences like in loco assistance and exhibition design.

Architect Intern

Figueroa.Arq from september 2012 to july 2013, where I used to do graphic representations for architectural projects and contests.

Pascali Semerdjian from august 2010 to april 2011, where I used to work on architectural and interior projects doing virtual models, 3D rendering and technical draws.




Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism Mackenzie in São Paulo, Brazil, from february 2009 to december 2014.

Final Graduation Project — Merda: A ressignificação pelo teatro — selected out of more than 400 works to represent Mackenzie University on 26th Opera Prima, the biggest graduation projects contest in Brazil for architecture students.

Exchange Program

Faculty of Architecture and Arts + Faculty of Jazz and Modern Music at Lusíada University in Lisbon, Portugal, from september 2013 to august 2014.