MADE 2016

MADE – Mercado, Arte, Design – is an international collectable design fair based in São Paulo, Brazil. Founded by Waldick Jatobá, director of the event, MADE features work by architect and designer Bruno Simões. The proposal of the fair is to showcase every year the best design production from all kind of suppliers and makers, ranging from well acclaimed galleries to young and fresh independente designers from all over the world. Apart from featuring high-end design and promoting the business in this creative field, MADE has as its own objective to disseminate the design culture in a country that is still scarce in this sector. By a group of consulters, every year MADE promotes forums and talks to debate the future of design both inside and outside Brazil.

In 2016 I was invited by Gabriel Finotti to co-design the space and communication of the 4th edition of the fair. The creative direction and scenography is signed by Flavio Miranda and together we managed to design an identity based on the (i)materiality of design in general. We worked with the idea of the deconstruction of objects, subverting materials e building gaps on the formal perception of the elements of scenography.

Our concept was supported by the changes in the physical state of matter such as sublimation, fusion, vaporization, solidification, liquefaction and resublimation. This matter changes generates visual effects such as shadows, blurs, gradients, opacity, reflection, transparency and overlays that were later explored with the use of uncommon materials to create graphic communication such as fabrics, mirrors, bubble plastic, eucatex and others.

July 2016