ART DIRECTOR at uol tab

I have worked for two years as Senior Graphic Designer and then Art Director at UOL TAB, an online media content dedicated to read, understand and report culture, society and politics. Always seeking for new formats and new ways to explain our studies, I've worked on developing visual concepts for each report, directing photography and video shootings, as also designing infographics for a clear explanation on written and numerical data. Within a team that also included photographers and videomakers, we've had a studio on our disposal to develop visual ideas and, on the latter months, also a code programmer for interactive and motion graphics.

Note: The UOL TAB design team didn't have any participation neither on choosing the typography and text format nor on the main architecture of UOL TAB's website, as those decisions were imposed on our team by Universo Online Inc main website architects. As a group of designers, our work had to be limited to create only the visual concept for each report that is presented as jpg or gif files interposed with text.



December 2016 to February 2019